Arthur was fantastic to work with for the sale of my home, particularly since I moved to BC during the final stages of preparing the house for market. Selling a home long distance is not without its challenges, but Arthur made it painless. Arthur had a strong vision of how to best stage and market the house, did a great job pulling it all together and kept me well-informed throughout the process. He took care of many details on my behalf, and was always available to answer my questions.

- B. Ingram

Selling a house is not an easy thing on many levels, but Arthur Irwin’s professionalism and astute knowledge of the marketplace, and of the Dufferin Grove area, his friendly and open manner, and his helpfulness in so many ways, made the experience not only an extremely successful one but less difficult than we ever thought possible. We have nothing but the highest regard and appreciation for Arthur Irwin.

- E. Seligman

How many first-time buyers can say that their agent actually made the process of house-hunting fun AND found them exactly the right house at a reasonable price? Not many, but we can!

At first we thought we would “shop around” for an agent but Arthur inspired us with so much confidence during our first meeting that we decided there was no need to look beyond him. We were impressed with this professionalism, his background as a renovator, and his perspective on Toronto as a city of unique neighbourhoods. We also immediately took to this very personable manner. We walked away knowing we had met an agent with a lot of wisdom and integrity and our instincts proved right.

He listened carefully and patiently as we described our circumstances and the kind of house we wanted, right down to the particular neighbourhood. Then he set to work and within a day or two, he was already showing us the houses on the market that fell within our range. One of the things we really appreciated about Arthur’s approach to showing us houses was that it was designed to teach us exactly what we needed to know in order to make good decisions. Instead of being pushy and manipulative, Arthur spends the time necessary to show his clients the range of properties that will allow them to put things into perspective for themselves.

That said, he is more than willing to provide expert advice – always backed up with thorough explanations – as soon as it is asked for. Arthur makes sound, perceptive judgements about the market and always researches recent selling prices in the pertinent neighbourhood. His background as a renovator also makes him a wonderful resource when it comes to evaluating older houses. He is always happy to share his instinct about “the bones” of the house and the possible costs of repairs and improvements.

Looking at houses and making offers can be alternately thrilling and depressing, but during this entire process Arthur was consistently cool-headed and diplomatic, a firmly-grounded rock in the buyers’ storm of hope and anxiety.
In the end, it was only Arthur’s incredible resourcefulness and dogged determination that got us the house of our dreams. We had given up on the neighbourhood we had initially hoped for, but the very morning that an affordable house needing a bit of superficial work, came on the market, Arthur had us down there to see it. Then, putting off the planned start of his own vacation, he spent the afternoon drawing up our offer. We got the house. We got the neighbourhood. A year later, we can still hardly believe it. We thank our lucky stars we worked with Arthur Irwin.

- K. Denny

Arthur Irwin is an amazing broker. After looking at about 35 houses, we were beginning to think that we wouldn’t find something that was right for us. However, Arthur assured us that something would come along and he was right. He was so patient and kind, smart and funny that we looked forward to this company each outing, even if our dream house didn’t appear that day. Arthur’s wealth of home renovation knowledge was such a plus, especially to a couple of newbies like us. Thank you so much Arthur, I would recommend you anytime. We appreciate all you have done.

- P. Young & T. Howells

When we started our search for a house we asked friends who had recently bought a house, if they could recommend a real estate agent with lots of integrity and that would work with us, in a tough market, to finding the right house at the right price. After a few unsuccessful attempts to find the right agent, Arthur came recommended from a friend who said that he got them exactly what they wanted, more than they thought they could get. Our experience was the same. In fact, we recently went back to the criteria we had prepared at the beginning of our house search, and to our surprise, we got everything we wanted and more! As first time homeowners, we went into this experience feeling anxious and overwhelmed. But from the beginning, we were certain that Arthur shared our vision and was acting in our best interest. Whenever we started to panic and felt the urge to settle for less than we wanted, Arthur assured us we could do better, and when we felt discouraged above ever finding the right house, he told us that he was in it with us for the long haul. Our impression is that Arthur loves his work, and is passionate about helping his clients find a home that they can really be happy with. We would recommend him without hesitation to our friends and family. We LOVE our new house!

- H. Graham

Arthur listened when we told him what kind of house we wanted. He provided us with advice and guided us through what can potentially be a frustrating experience with humour. Arthur is a friendly, experienced, trustworthy agent that recognizes that his clients are clients for life. It’s not just a one-time sale. For example, my partner and I discussed how much we should bid on a house. We came up with a bid – a high one – and shared it with Arthur. He could have put his own interests first and presented the high bid. He would have likely made a sale and collected his commission. Instead, he advised us that our bid was too high for what he believed the house was worth. We didn’t buy that house but soon after, we did find the perfect house at a fair price. Now we believe that we also found the perfect agent.

- R. Luciw

Arthur Irwin is a truly excellent agent. He was informative, supportive and insightful throughout the process of buying my home. I ended up with the property I wanted at the price I needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, and leave the transaction feeling very confident in my choice of house and broker. Thank you Arthur!

- V. Visvis

Excellent agent with the utmost integrity. Great instincts and made what is a very stressful process, an easy one. We’ll continue to use Arthur on any future purchases/sales. Great guy.

- P. Singh

Arthur worked extremely hard to ensure market exposure for our property and plied his contacts to bring in qualified buyers. His efforts, which included a well thought out pricing strategy and skilled negotiating, resulted in the quick sale of our home above the asking price. Choosing Arthur as our realtor was resoundingly the right decision.

- D. Elderhorst

We cannot speak highly enough of Arthur Irwin! He’s exceptionally knowledgeable, easy to talk to and spend time with, he always phone us back promptly when we had questions or wanted to see a house, and he always took the time to explain things to us in great detail, leaving us smarter than when we started! Arthur is someone who naturally goes above and beyond. He’s worked with us for over a year and half and it’s been a huge education. Thanks to his vast knowledge of the market, mortgage rates, and his expertise as a contractor, we feel that we’ve gone into this new house with confidence and our eyes wide open. Also, he’s such a nice person and fun to spend time with! We’ve already recommended him to several friends and family, and will continue to do so in the future. If we ever enter the market again, there’s only one person we will call, and his name is Arthur Irwin!

- J. Tepperman

Despite having bought and sold several properties in Australia, we are new immigrants to Canada so needed extra guidance. Arthur not only helped us through the entire purchasing process, but also his knowledge regarding building/renovating codes, and techniques was invaluable to helping us choose the right house. At no stage did we feel pressured into a purchase that might not have been ideal.

- S. Hallam

Arthur was candid in his assessment of properties and kept us from bidding on when he thought it unwise. He has a keen sense of the directions a bidding process can go and advised us accordingly. His knowledge of design and construction was invaluable. Not only will we use Arthur for any future real estate transactions, he’ll come highly recommended to friends and family. We trust him.

- K. Narayan

Arthur has been absolutely fantastic – he came highly recommended by a colleague who he helped purchase a home, and we can see why she sang his praises. Exceptionally knowledgeable with a keen eye for what is structurally important in a home, great to work with, expedient and just a great guy! We’ll certainly be recommending him to others in the future!

- K. Hordowick

Arthur was phenomenal! His knowledge of the real estate market, combined with his background in contracting, made him an extremely valuable resource for first-time home buyers such as my wife and I. He was always available to answer questions, and made it possible for us to view every home we asked to see, even on short notice. He is a fantastic agent, and we will recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in Toronto.

- C. Hordowick

It’s been an unqualified pleasure working with Arthur these past months. He is knowledgeable, patient, positive, and fantastic at truly understanding what would work for us and what wouldn’t. It was an extremely challenging market and Arthur kept us positive throughout the process. He kept us focused on what would truly make us happy and did not let us go down the wrong path. I think that what makes Arthur truly exceptional is that he always kept our best interests at heart, truly and sincerely. There have been many times where we were thinking about making an offer on a place what would have been terribly wrong for us and he reminded us to keep in mind our original vision and not to rush into anything just because we were running out of time or were getting frustrated. Arthur’s insight and knowledge of building construction was a true asset. Within minutes of walking into a place he could tell what the pros and cons were from a construction standpoint – something we would never have been able to see without him being there. He was knowledgeable about all the different neighbourhoods and gave us a lot of unique insights into what it would be like to live there. I can’t even begin to thank Arthur for everything he has done to us. He truly found us an incredible home and helped us through every step of the process – he truly went above and beyond in every aspect and made a very challenging process exceptionally easy on us. After our experience working with Arthur, I would count him among a true friend and someone I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to for advice in the future, and I know he would always try to help us – he is simply that kind of guy. Thank you Arthur for everything.

- I. Rasiwala

I have no hesitation whenever anyone asks me if I could recommend a good realtor. Arthur has a rare combination of qualities and skills that make him outstanding in his field. I have found him to be an astute strategist and strong negotiator, both in the sales and the purchases he has handled for me over the years. In the search for a property, he has always been extremely patient and spared no effort to ensure we ended up with the property that was right for us. In the sale, he successfully brought to bear his years of experience, diligent research and consultation with colleagues to develop the right strategy for the positioning and marketing of the house. It has been a pleasure to work with a realtor who combines such a superb level of competence with high ethical standards.

- J. Day

I couldn’t praise Arthur Irwin and the resources he brought to selling my home more highly. From preparing my home through to the sale itself, his professionalism, attention to detail and cheerful, positive personality made what I thought would be an ordeal into an actual pleasure. We sold in 5 days and got a price higher than asking – higher than my wildest expectations. I look forward to recommending him personally – and to the thanks I’ll receive for sharing his name!

In every way and in every detail, from preparation of the property to the actual sale, Arthur and his partner – artist and professional home stager, Elizabeth Noble – took enormous care of both my home and of me. Arthur’s considered marketing plan and warm, professional personality on the sales side and partner, Elizabeth’s stage expertise presented potential buyers with a polished, shining home that proved to be irresistible. After only 5 days on the market, we had a bidding war that resulted in a sale well over our asking price and my most hopeful expectations. I simply couldn’t recommend Arthur Irwin and Elizabeth Noble enough.

- J. Wilson

Arthur Irwin is the best real estate agent I’ve ever dealt with. He made my entire house-hunting experience a pleasure. His background as a renovator gave him the advantage of being able to point out to me features and failings of properties that even the selling agents didn’t know about. His skill at negotiating the purchase for me was the only reason I was able to afford the home that I wanted at the price I could afford. Arthur has a genius for putting the right person together with the right house.

- A. Lampert

Instead of being pushy and manipulative, Arthur spent the time necessary to teach us exactly what we needed to know in order to make good decisions. He made sound, perceptive judgements about the market and provided us with expert advice. Arthur was consistently cool-headed and diplomatic and we thank our lucky stars we worked with him.

- J. Henderson

We really want to thank you for making our move so much easier than we expected. Moving is exhausting and stressful under any circumstances, but selling and leaving a house you have lived in, and loved, for 16 years is overwhelming. You were such a calming influence, handling the business of the sale, the details, and the emotional situation all so smoothly. You represented us in the best way possible, making us feel secure and protected, and of course getting us the price we believed our home was truly worth.

We’ve already recommended you to our friends.

- D. Shach

An informed and articulate agent loaded with integrity, Arthur’s experience and personal demeanour made our house sale an enjoyable and peaceful experience. Arthur took great pains to ensure we understood the nuances of the process, enabling us to make sound decisions. With a background in home renovations and contracting, Arthur brought a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the table. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with him and we would recommend Arthur to anyone in a second!

- L. Phillips

We found Arthur Irwin to be extraordinarily helpful during every phase of selling our previous house and purchasing the house we are in now. His advice for preparing the house to sell, his knowledge of the market, his excellent marketing strategy and his effective negotiating skills all combined with excellent results. We sold our house in seven days for 112% of list price!

It is hard to imagine better representation and for that reason we recommend him to all our friends.

- J. Seamon

As first time home buyers we did not know what to expect from the process and recognized there was much to learn. What we needed was someone we could trust: an agent who would genuinely understand what we were looking for, could find us something that we could afford and could find it in the relatively small target area we identified. As an agent, Arthur demonstrated a great understanding of his territory and the trends therein. Not only did Arthur Irwin match us to a super home but was infinitely patient with our endless first-timer questions. Given his previous experience as a contractor Arthur drew our attention to potential problems as we viewed homes and was able to give an idea as to the potential cost and difficulty of addressing them.

As the operator of a small business that prides itself on integrity and providing excellent service I expect a lot as a client. Arthur Irwin exceeded my expectations and I could not recommend him more highly.

- D. Lear

Arthur was recommended to me by a good friend and I was so relieved to be able to rely on his expertise, diplomacy and patience to sell my house. He listed the property at a good price and was able to negotiate a very successful outcome. His thorough explanations helped me to understand the process and the legal documents involved. He was always available, always returned my calls, and always kept me informed of any developments. I highly recommend working with Arthur!

- P. Seaman

Arthur brought to the table a very high degree of professionalism. He put forward the marketing strategy for our property that turned out to be correct and that took into account the demographics of the buyers who were interested in our area. He was exceptionally knowledgeable about the area and showed an understated passion for helping us market our property.

Throughout the entire process we were most impressed with his integrity and with his suggestions on how to get the property in shape for its proper showing. The marketing strategy reflected the target market and was complemented by Liz Noble whose creative talents and hands-on approach resulted in highlighting the hidden features of our property in the best light possible. In fact, when we were done with implementing their suggestions, we couldn’t believe that we were in the same house our family had lived in for almost 50 years.

Everything was explained to us clearly and our numerous questions were always answered in a timely fashion.

The end result was even more amazing and exceeded our expectations. We had multiple offers with few if any conditions and sold the house within one week of listing it!

We would highly recommend Arthur Irwin and Liz Noble, his stager, to anyone who is contemplating selling their property!!!

- A. Cherwinsky

Arthur is a consummate professional – always prompt to return a call or arrange an appointment. He was also extremely well versed and up-to-date in the business minutiae. He was excellent with contracts, negotiations and the overall flow of the transaction. We couldn’t be more pleased with the overall result.

- A. Mason

Arthur was absolutely amazing as our real estate agent. His background in renovation was invaluable as he assessed each house for its merits or lack thereof, beyond the new paint and the trendy backsplashes. It was an education — we learned so much in each viewing! His genuine and positive demeanour was essential in keeping us even keeled while his thoroughness and patience ensured we got the house we wanted AND needed.

- S. Knox

Arthur helped us purchase our first home and we couldn’t have asked for a better agent to guide us through this process. His previous experience renovating homes gave him a keen eye for work that needed to be done and potential problems to investigate before bidding. If a house had issues, he saw them and would steer us away. We really felt his interest was not just in helping us purchase a house, but helping us purchase the right house. He was always available to discuss questions, large and small. He was incredibly professional, honest, trustworthy and had a wealth of knowledge to share. We are very fortunate to have worked with him!

- P. Dueck